Which MLB Fans Drink the Most?

Baseball, beer, and a hotdog…it’s hard to top a day at the ballpark! It’s baseball season, and fans are ready to cheer on their team and have a good time while doing so. But, after getting in their bets with a juicy New York sports betting bonus, some fans are going a little too hard in the stands, instead of letting the athletes do all the work.

Here at nyonlinegambling.com, we surveyed more than 2,000 sports fans to find out who they think drinks the most at games and who can’t hold their liquor.

MLB Fans & Drinking

Booziest MLB fans

If you want to bet on any team, we recommend the Colorado Rockies. Rockies’ fans are embracing the name of their home stadium: Coors Field. They are the biggest drinkers in the MLB guzzling more than three drinks a game. However, Rockies’ fans are not paying excessively for their drinking habits. They are only spending about $16 on average for all that alcohol. That’s not bad when you look at fans of the Minnesota Twins who are forking over more than $24 on average for two and a half drinks!

Miami Marlins’ fans are also pros at mastering the seventh inning stretch with a drink in their hand. Supporters of the Marlins are the second biggest drinkers, enjoying more than three adult beverages. They’re followed by the St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals.

Not every team prefers to party in the stands. Pittsburgh Pirates fans would like to keep their heads about them as they cheer on their team. Fans drink the least in the league with a little over two beverages a game. It’s definitely helping them save some money! Pirates fans spend an average $13.54 a game. That’s the lowest cost, only behind the San Diego Padres ($13.05) and the Cincinnati Reds ($12.77).

On average, most baseball fans will spend about $18 on alcohol while catching a game live. Everyday fans will make it through more than two and a half drinks… as long as they don’t accidentally spill them while celebrating home runs.

Biggest Pregamers & Lightweight Drinkers

Biggest pregamers and lightweights

Some baseball fans are not the biggest drinkers while their teams are playing, but that’s not necessarily because people are not drinking. Take Chicago White Sox fans. They ranked in the back of the pack for the biggest drinkers (#20), but that’s probably because the party is often happening outside of Guaranteed Rate Field before the first pitch. White Sox fans are the biggest pregamers in the league.

Others may down some cheap drinks before the game to avoid paying for expensive drinks in the stadium. Minnesota Twins’ fans pay the most on average for alcohol ($24.31), and they are the second biggest pregamers. They’re followed by the Kansas City Royals and Miami Marlins.

Unfortunately, that pregaming doesn’t always pay off, especially for Twins’ fans. Fans of the team are the biggest lightweights in the league. They’re most likely to miss out on some, or even all, of the game because they can’t hold their booze. San Diego Padres’ fans and Houston Astros’ fans are in the same boat.

Our advice? Enjoy a drink or two responsibly, but stay classy. That way you can remember that perfect play or incredible grand slam and have a good story to tell all your friends about later.


From March 30 to April 1, we surveyed 2,029 sports fans to get their feedback on MLB fans and their drinking habits. Respondents ranged in age from 21 to 85 with an average age of 39. 50% were male and 50% were female.

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