Top New York Sportsbook Promo Codes, Apps, and Bonuses

Legal sports betting has arrived in New York state! That’s right! On January 8, 2022, New York’s online sportsbook industry, once deemed a potential gold mine for bookmakers, opened for business! But what are sportsbooks offering to residents of the Empire State? As mobile sportsbooks open their doors, the promotions they are rolling out are constructed to surprise and delight both veteran bettors and new customers.

Best New York sportsbook bonus offers

$1500 Risk-Free Bet

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  • Massive Promotions
T&Cs Apply21+. Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details.

$1K No Sweat First Bet

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  • Available Throughout New York!
  • Simple Deposits / Withdrawals
T&Cs Apply21+. Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details.

$250 Match

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  • Simple 1X Playthrough Bonus
  • Excellent Loyalty Program
  • Solid Pricing All Around
T&Cs Apply21+. Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details.

Sign Up on WynnBET

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  • NY Promo Code: XNYOG
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  • Constant Promos for New Yorkers
T&Cs Apply21+. Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details.

Sign Up With BetMGM

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But what does a bonus or promotion look like, and how do they work? And most important, how can New Yorkers take full advantage of all that’s being offered? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for a full breakdown of the best bonuses and promotions available, including free bets, as well as a primer on how they all work. Congratulations, New Yorker! Your journey to online sports betting bonuses has begun!

Full List of NY Sportsbooks

What is an online sportsbook promo code, and are they essential for New York bettors?

We have all used promo codes for one thing or another. Whether it’s to save money on Mets tickets, to get yourself two Buffalo Garbage Plates for the price of one, or even to buy a bus ticket to Ithaca for AppleFest, promo codes can help you save money, and in some cases, give you more bang for your buck. Online sportsbook promotions are no different, with a few added benefits!

As digital sportsbooks reach out to new bettors in the Empire State, promo codes are undoubtedly a great advertising tool. That being the case, the promo code field will be conveniently located on either the registration page or the deposit page. Occasionally, to make it easier on you, a sportsbook will put it on both! Upon finding the promo code field, enter the code associated with the bonus you wish to take advantage of at that time. Once the promo has been claimed, the bonus will be automatically applied to their account. Simple as that!

In some cases, a promo code isn’t needed, and players can move right on past the promo code stage of the sign-up process. In these situations, a user may be required to opt-in before receiving the bonus they seek. How does one do that? Simple! By clicking a “Deposit Now” or an “Opt-in” button on the bonus or promotional page. Occasionally you may be asked to opt-in within your betting account profile. If you need help finding out exactly where this takes place on your chosen book, our terrific sportsbook reviews are there to help. Our reviews can help navigate promotional pages, show you where to enter a promo code, as well as provide detailed instructions for any sportsbook you may want to use.

An easy way to think of a promo code is as a coupon that enables you to receive more bang for your buck. Unlike coupons from Wegmans that provide a discount on eggs and bacon, a promo code will give you access to risk-free bets, deposit bonuses, or even free bets.

Most online sportsbooks will provide their own specific promo codes, but we have a secret to share! We offer exclusive promo codes that often eclipse the value of and are independent of a sportsbooks public offer. That’s why we always recommend checking in on what we can offer first. Like an intelligent bettor, you should always weigh every possible opportunity, and with our industry contacts, NYOG promo codes have the ability to bring you more.

Who is eligible for NY mobile sports betting bonuses?

The short answer is: it depends. Each bonus can be aimed at specific players depending on experience, account status, or the age of the account.

Often times a specific bonus may only be offered to new users. These would be classified as ‘welcome offers’. Conversely, a sportsbook may then provide a bonus exclusive to VIPs and returning players. Things often balance out, but each bonus carries its own set of parameters.

However, there are a couple rules you’ll need to meet before cashing in on a bonus. These requirements are non-negotiable and are set by the governing state, not the sportsbook of your choosing.

  • Age: In New York, just like it is across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey, if you intend to register an account at an online or mobile sportsbook, you must be 21 years of age or older. There are absolutely no exceptions.
  • Identity verification: When creating your account, you will be asked to provide information to ensure you are who you say you are. The process itself is typically set forth by the state’s regulatory body, which in New York would be the New York Gaming Commission. This is a standard industry practice, so don’t worry about offering your personal information during verification. And truthfully, this process should only take a few moments. The last four digits of your Social Security Number will be required.
  • Location: Location, location, location. As you may be aware, most states, NY included, require you to be physically present within the physical borders of their state in order to place a bet. You don’t have to call that state home, or else most online bettors would have moved to New Jersey by now! All joking aside, if you place a bet in New York, you will be able to access your account from outside state lines, but you will not be able to place additional bets if you have relocated to a non-regulated state. To bet in New York, you must be in New York. If you can’t bet, you can’t claim a bonus.

If the bonus you’re trying to receive is a no-deposit bonus, all that will be required is a successfully registered account. Requirements will vary for other bonuses and often have specific guidelines for each. Those particular requirements can range from placing bets on a particular event or within a defined time frame or even depositing a certain amount into your account. The possibilities are endless when it comes to bonuses requirements.

NY Sportsbook Welcome Bonuses

Originally, New York approved nine online sportsbooks to enter the New York online sports betting space. These are the lucky license holders, and the sportsbook bonus that they currently offer to bettors in New York, or what they may offer in other states.

NY Online SportsbookNY Promo CodeNY Bonus Offer
BetMGM SportsbookJust Click HereNo Current Bonus in NY
BetRivers SportsbookJust Click Here$250 First-Deposit Match
Caesars SportsbookNYOG15$1500 Deposit Match
DraftKings SportsbookJust Click Here$100 Free Bet + $1K Match
FanDuel SportsbookJust Click Here$1000 No Sweat First Bet
WynnBet SportsbookXNYOGNo Current Bonus in NY
PointsBet SportsbookNYOGRF$2000 in Risk-Free Bets
Bally Bet SportsbookComing Soon$550 Risk-Free Bet (est.)
Resorts World SportsbookComing Soon$250 Risk-Free Bet (est.)

Why do online sportsbooks offer bonuses?

What’s the catch? That has to be the question running through your head right now. After all, everything comes with strings attached. The Mets may bring in some big-name players now and then, but it still costs a year of your life to root for them! So what’s the catch here? Why would online sportsbooks, and specifically those operating in New York and are in the business of making money, be giving away cash so freely?

The simple answer? To win your business. Thankfully, New York bettors have choices now that online sportsbooks have opened their virtual doors. If one brand is offering better odds, better benefits, or better bonuses, players will surely gravitate to that platform. Bonuses make for a valuable gift that gets you in the door.

As we have seen in other states like New Jersey, online and mobile sportsbook bonuses are designed to bring in new players, reinvigorate users who have become less active, and keep existing players loyal to their brand. And while all of those could be done with older business practices, the digital sportsbook industry has changed the game, putting the customer first while meeting their fiduciary goals.

In truth, the majority of promos work out in favor of both operator and player. You get some bonus cash, the operator gets some of your future business.

How to tell a good NY promo from a bad promo

Like all things in this manner, the answer can be found in the fine print, or in this case, within the terms and conditions. Whether it’s a $100 free bet with DraftKings or a $25 no-deposit offer from TwinSpires, all offers will come with their own specific terms and conditions. From site to site, the specifics will vary, just as the range of promotions will fluctuate. But, if there’s one thing that remains the same across the vast hemisphere of bonus offers, it’s that to take full advantage, you’ll need to get in on the action with the sportsbook.

It seems pretty simple, right? If sportsbooks were handing out cash for registrations, new players would turn into the Steve Miller Band and “Take the Money and Run!” That’s not a good business model for anyone, let alone an online sportsbook. That’s why you’ll need to give the book some action before the bonus money is truly yours. Otherwise, that book might not exist the next time you want to place a wager.

Let’s say BetMGM is offering New York Bettors a risk-free bet up to $1000. Sounds great, right? The terms and conditions stipulate that users will earn the risk-free bet with their first real money deposit of $10 or more. After the deposit is made, BetMGM would comp you with betting credits equal to the amount of your first bet, should your initial bet lose. That means if your first bet is $10, you’ll receive $10 in credits if that bet fails.

Similarly, you’d receive $1000 in free bets if you’re initial wager $1000 and unsuccessful. Even further into the terms and conditions, you’d see that those betting credits must be used within a week, or you will lose them. Also, free bet credits are paid out in 20% denominations.

So you can see how a promotion can work out for both sides. For BetMGM or any other operator for that matter, they get a new player signing up on the site, depositing money, and placing at least one wager. For the player, they get a temporary edge in odds over the house.

New York sports betting tax rate vs. available bonuses

The New York state gaming commission decided to impose a highly controversial 51% tax rate on sports betting revenue. If 51% seems unnecessarily high, there were rumors the state was going to set the bar even higher, with some lawmakers signaling the tax rate would hit 64%. For the nine operators who received licenses to operate in the Empire State, this might affect the sportsbook bonuses that they choose to offer in the state.

With robust success in New Jersey, and Connecticut beginning their foray into the online sports betting world, it’s very possible that New Yorkers might find better odds and promos across state lines. As more online sportsbooks open up shop in New York, the high tax rate may trickle down to players’ profits with other states being offered bigger bonuses or improved pricing. With so much potential revenue due to the state in taxes, there may be a little less meat on the bone for sportsbooks to share with players. Time will tell.

Types of NY sportsbook promo and bonus offers

As we have seen in other states like New Jersey, Indiana, and Colorado, sportsbooks offer an expansive variety of welcome bonuses to new users. That’s fantastic news for New Yorkers! Other states have provided welcome bonuses such as risk-free bets, no deposit bonuses, and deposit match bonuses to new account holders. There’s no better way to surprise and delight your clientele than with a fantastic welcome bonus, and New York bettors should be offered some top-notch opportunities.

NY sportsbook free bets

Free bet promotions are the most common bonus format you’ll come across, especially as a new player dipping your toe into the world of online sports betting. There’s a good reason for that! Free bets are precisely what they sound like. A free bet promo allows new users to place wagers on the house’s dime. But don’t look at this as a way to get free money and take off, generally speaking you will not be able to cash out with the amount of the free bet, only with the winnings from that free bet.

Aside from meeting the minimum odds requirement or other terms and conditions that might come with the promo, how a player uses their free bet is entirely up to them. If you’re feeling risky but don’t want to lose your deposit on a six-leg parlay? That free bet could return big for you. Or perhaps you’re looking for a small return on a clear favorite. Free bets spend the same way depending on what a player wants to wager on as long as the odds requirement or other terms and conditions are met.

And while that may sound simple enough, there’s more than one type of free bet that a sportsbook may offer. Here’s a sampling of what you may encounter on your online sportsbook journey:

Risk-free bets

NY risk-free bets are a second chance to get it right. Let’s say you place your first wager on the Knicks to beat the Celtics. You’re pumped to watch the game, but they lose a close one at the Garden. If you were utilizing a risk-free bet offer, the sportsbook will credit you back with a bonus that is equal to the amount of the lost wager. That way you have another opportunity to try again and get it right. The only downside of risk-free bets as a promotion is that if they win, you don’t get anything… but can we really complain about winning a bet?

No-deposit free bets

No-deposit free bets are as good as it gets. You don’t even have to make a deposit. Simply create an account and you’ll get a chance to use them at no cost. With no-deposit free bets you can win money without investing money. What could be better?

Matched free bets

While the name of this specific free bet may give away its features, let’s talk about what a matched free bet entails. To be eligible for a matched free bet, a player will first need to place a wager. Once that wager is placed, the house will issue a credit to the player with a free bet equal to a certain percentage, or up to a specified money cap, of the wager in question. For example, a 100% matched free bet up to $300 means if you bet $300, they’ll credit you with a $300 bonus to match it.

Deposit matched free bets: An extremely valuable cousin of the above discussed matched free bet is the deposit matched free bet. To qualify for this free bet, a player must deposit money into the account. For instance, if a player deposits $100 onto a site offering this free bet, they could be in line to receive a deposit matched free bet of $100. However, players should note that the monetary cap on this kind of free bet bonus is generally on the low end.

NY no-deposit bonuses

If you’ve played daily fantasy sports in New York, you have probably seen a no-deposit bonus offered before. But what do they offer a perspective new bettor in New York?

No-deposit bonuses are possibly the most straightforward bonuses to acquire from a sportsbook, as they require no cash upfront, unlike other bonuses discussed. Similar to no-deposit free bets, a no-deposit bonus is offered to new players just for registering and signing up for an account, but may have fewer restrictions. After all, it’s free cash not a specific free $5 bet so it can be allocated differently. You may need to enter a promo code as well, but we’ll have you covered there when the time comes.

There has to be more to it than that, right? There have to be some strings attached? Not as many as you may think. The sportsbook is going to require you to actually use your no-deposit bonus. You can’t just cash it out immediately, you will need to bet with it.

Another piece to be aware of is that most no-deposit bonuses come with a wagering or turnover requirement. Similar to how a majority of DFS no-deposit bonuses, these bonuses require players to wager the bonus a specified number of times. Keep in mind; this number can range anywhere from one single bet to 10, 15, or even 25x. Obviously, the lower the turnover requirement, the better for a player. Once the required number of wagers have been placed, the bonus converts to cash that can be withdrawn.

On the issue of size, no-deposits are generally on the lower side than other bonuses. A few bucks can get you started, but the ceiling for no-deposit bonuses is set relatively low, with top dollar offerings landing in the $20 – $30 range.

But don’t let any of that dissuade you from taking advantage of a no-deposit bonus. They are categorically the easiest bonus to qualify for, and what’s better than starting your account with a little bit of spare change!

Cash refunds / bonus back

The biggest worry for new bettors is undoubtedly going to be losing. And truthfully, that’s okay. Every single sports bettor who has ever placed a wager has had a losing day. It’s all part of the experience, the nature of the game. And occasionally, when a bad day strikes, a sportsbook may offer a promo that allows bettors to cut their losses. How? By providing a cashback refund.

We know. It sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. Historically, with a promo like this, a player will receive a percentage of their losses back as a credit (in the form of a bonus) or as cash. The amount is usually capped at a specific point defined in the terms and conditions of the promo. So let’s say the offer is 100% cashback up to $200, and a player loses $350, only $200 would be refunded by the operator.

Deposit match bonuses

Deposit match bonuses have been used in other legal online gambling states across the country to entice users to fund their accounts, which should be music to New York’s ears. Match bonuses are simple, and can be highly lucrative for players. In the simplest terms, a deposit match bonus can be earned by making a deposit with a sportsbook offering to match that deposit up to a money cap or a specific percentage. That’s it. Simple as that!

Your deposit sets the bar for the bonus. For instance, if a player deposits $100 onto a site offering a 100% matched deposit bonus up to $250, they will receive a bonus of $100 in their account. For the same offer, should that same player deposit $250, congratulations! By depositing the full amount on a 100% deposit match, this player will receive a total bonus of $250.

This is why so many players love matched and deposit bonuses. By using the money cap and percentage to their advantage, players can get more bang for their buck. As stated above, players should always be aware of the monetary cap on this type of bonus.

Discounted juice

Before you ask, we’ll give you the answer. The term “Juice” comes from “Vigorish,” otherwise known as the fee a bookmaker takes when placing a bettors wager. The juice, also known as “the vig,” varies from state to state, as we have seen when comparing Nevada to New Jersey, for example. In New York, Empire bettors can expect a slightly higher vig than our neighbors across the Hudson and even our friends in Pennsylvania.

We touched on this slightly above, but when Albany comes calling for its 51%, the sportsbooks will have to pay it. As a result, NY online sports bettors may end up paying a bit more juice. With that being said, discounted juice or improved odds are a great type of promotion that may be exceptionally valuable in the state of New York. These sorts of discounts and boosts aren’t typically a part of more traditional ‘welcome offers’, but they are a great incentive for existing players – so keep your eyes peeled!

VIP/Loyalty Club bonuses

VIP Clubs are a fantastic way to reward yourself for placing wagers with a sportsbook. By joining up with a loyalty program you’ll gather player points that can be used for free bets and sometimes can be converted into cash, hotel stays, fine dining, show tickets, etc. On top of that, VIP Clubs and loyalty programs often offer players the chance to level up their experience by unlocking an elite experience and better and better rewards as their account rises through their rankings.

Think about it like an airlines rewards program. Why sit in the general boarding area at LaGuardia when you can sit in the Captains’ Club? Sounds pretty good, right? And these VIP Clubs and Loyalty programs cater to frequent users, who can rack up points and take advantage of the luxurious aspects of VIP life.

What kind of high-level VIP benefits can a bettor expect? Good thing you asked! Behind the velvet ropes, top-tier bettors can anticipate exclusive promo offers, gifts, offers at the site’s land-based casino partner, quicker cashouts, and maybe the most enticing of all, exclusive point multipliers higher than offered to other users. Sound good? You bet it does!

In other states, sportsbooks can offer these same perks in their online casinos, but New York will not be able to benefit from such a digital partnership. While Albany has approved online sports betting, online casino gaming still has a long way to go before getting passed by the state.

Online casino collaborations aside, joining a VIP or loyalty program is a fantastic way to get exclusive bonuses and point multipliers right at your fingertips regularly. While there are a lot of options players can take advantage of, joining a VIP or Loyalty Program creates options geared explicitly towards delighting bettors. What’s better than that? When you’re shopping for a NY online sportsbook, always check out the rewards.

Refer-a-friend bonuses

Maybe you have friends interested in sports betting, but they don’t know how to start or where to place their bets? Congratulations! You’re about to get some serious bonuses with the many refer-a-friend promos offered by online sportsbooks. As we mentioned before, a large piece of these bonuses are designed to get new players to sign up, and with a refer-a-friend bonus, you can share in their spoils. Even if your friends are betting savants but spend most of their time wagering at offshore sites or local bookies, you can benefit from helping them transition to a legal sportsbook. You’ll also be helping them take part in something they probably have yet to experience: a betting process that benefits them.

Spending a holiday weekend with the relatives Upstate, or maybe you’re relaxing on a Long Island vacation, this bonus is a great way to help a friend get in on the action! Bonus sizes range anywhere from $20 – $250, and often the referred player benefits too. These unique win-win bonuses are rare in the industry, so take advantage while you can when you find one.

Sifting through the T&C

At this point, you’re probably well-versed in every kind of online sportsbook bonus found under the sun. And while New York’s market is shaping up to be unlike any other state that came before it, it’s crucial to have all the information you need to make an informed decision on a bonus. New Yorkers are nothing if not prepared for just about anything. So here’s a little reminder from us to always read the terms and conditions of every bonus that you take. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Always look for expiration dates: What’s worse than finding expired milk in your fridge after you pour a bowl of cereal? Letting your online sportsbook bonus expire unused. Missing the window of opportunity by failing to read the fine print is a tragedy. Don’t let your bonus go unused. If a bet requires a wager, multiple wagers, or has an expiration, be aware of those rules before taking a bonus.
    • Similarly, some offers like risk-free bets may award as betting credit that can also expire. Don’t let that happen.
  • Canceling a bonus? Think twice: While letting a bonus expire unused is one thing, canceling a bonus is worse. Why? Consider this. If a player deposits $200 into their account, claims a $200 bonus, and then loses $200 on a wager and cancels the bonus, that math doesn’t work out in their favor. If our hypothetical player follows this path, they’ll end up with nothing. It’s always better to take the bonus and clear as much of it as you can.
  • Look for wagering requirements: While some bonuses have zero wagering requirements, others may come with higher turnover requirements. From what we’ve seen in other states, wagering requirements have trended on the lower side for sports betting bonuses. However, you still need to stay vigilant. Always know the wagering requirements so that you can make sure the bonus works for you and your style of wagering.
  • Read the T&C all the way through: Just make it a habit to read everything so that there are no surprises. If you have any questions, check out our online sportsbook review pages as we’ll break down the best bonuses in the state for you, in full detail.

If all of this information feels overwhelming, that’s okay. The online gambling frontier is new to a large portion of New Yorkers, and we’re all starting our wagering journey together. It’s important to remember these tips as the industry in the Empire State grows because sportsbooks are going to entice you with some pretty fantastic offers.

So remember, if you take anything away from this page, always read the fine print. And if you ever need help finding answers or just need some explanations in plain terms, we’ll be here to help. After all, New Yorkers aren’t known for mincing words, and that’s our promise to you. Short and sweet, we’ve got the insight and know-how that can’t be matched.

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