New York State Has Rich History of Jackpot Payouts

Empire. The very word implies largesse, extravagance and magnitude. It’s an appropriate nickname for the state that houses a city where most everything seems to be done in spectacular fashion. That reputation for “doing it big” extends to New York’s casino industry, which has produced some notable winners in recent years.

The Empire State boasts a combination of Indian and commercial casinos, with the approval of the latter by voters in 2013 opening up the opportunities for greater winnings statewide. A couple of seven-figure payouts and two six-figure jackpots in two different facilities within the state help illustrate the extent of these.

Empire City Casino pays $2.5 million in Two Jackpots

The record payout for New York remains the $1,473,503 won by Howard G. of Suffolk County on Sunday morning, October 25, 2015 at Empire City Casino. The facility is located less than two miles north of New York City in Westchester County. Howard hit the jackpot on a IGT Wheel of Fortune® Triple Stars® slot, a machine that he conquered in less than five spins on that fateful day and that he had regularly been playing upon each of his visits to Empire City. The Wheel of Fortune® Triple Stars® slot was a $10 machine with a $20 max bet to hit the jackpot.

Linda H. of Thornwood, New York almost caught up to Howard with a $961,411.81 haul on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at Empire City as well. Her six-figure payday came on a $5 Wheel of Fortune machine with a $10 max bet. A patron of the facility at a rate of about twice a month, Linda’s visit to Empire City that afternoon was coincidentally very spur-of-the moment, as opposed to the usual nights out at the casino with her husband that her other trips there usually entail.

Million Dollar Mission Promotion Pays Out at Finger Lakes

Irondequiot’s William Price was a seven-figure winner that preceded Howard G., pocketing $1 million at Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack in Farmington, NY in May 2014 in the facility’s Million Dollar Mission game. It was the largest payout in the then-52-year history of Finger Lakes and involved participants attempting to match all eight digits of a pre-set code. In November 2012, a Rochester woman won $511,000 at Finger Lakes as well, the largest video gaming machine jackpot at the time in the history of the state.

Six-Figure Payouts Abound

Before Howard G.’s aforementioned $1.4 million jackpot, it was landscaper Manuel Esteche of Port Chester that held the record for highest slot payout at $571,049, which he won in March 2015 with a $2.50 investment in Bally Blazing 7 Hot Shots machine.

In addition to these success stories, there were plenty of robust winnings that transpired in 2016 alone at Resorts World Casino in New York City, as per their official website. These include a $112,783 jackpot by on Quick Hit, a $100,020 haul on Double Jackpot Wild and a $100,012 payout on Double Jackpot Wild.




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