How to Bet on the MLB in New York

Baseball, America’s pastime. The game has a tricky history with gambling and sports betting. From the Black Sox scandal of 1919 to Pete Rose’ lifetime ban for betting on his own team, the relationship has largely been negative. However, with the legalization of sports betting in the state of New York, it’s time to bring betting on baseball out of the darkness and into the light.

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As of January 8, 2022, the state of New York legalized the use of online sportsbooks for all persons aged 21+. This was an absolute game-changer for sports fans and sports bettors throughout the Empire State. The combination of the timing and the market size of New York created an explosion: according to Fortune, New York became the number 1 market for the United States within four weeks. New York is primed to become the largest market for betting on MLB in the country.

This is music to the ears for NY online sportsbooks, and MLB enthusiasts across the state. Baseball is one of the best sports to bet on and New Yorkers should have plenty of skin in the game with excitement always building around the Yankees and Mets.

Why bet on baseball in New York?

Although the disputes between the Player’s Association and the ownership of baseball caused some frustration, there are plenty of reasons why there’s palpable excitement for betting on Major League Baseball.

First, there is plenty of parity to go around for this upcoming season. Despite many fan bases clamoring that the no-cap system in the MLB throws off the league’s balance, there have actually been eight different World Series champions in the last eight seasons.

And it could easily turn into nine different champs in nine years with either of the New York teams breaking through. Both the New York Yankees and New York Mets among the favorites in their respective division and have plenty of star power to garner excitement.

But even outside of the New York teams, there are a number of reasons to dip your toes into the baseball betting market. From sharp bettors to newbies, the allure with betting on America’s pastime lies in its high volume. Unlike any other major sport, the sheer number of options and games you can choose from is enticing. Despite labor delays, the MLB will be playing 162 games for this upcoming regular season.

In addition, unlike the NFL, NBA and NHL, the MLB typically has lower “juice.” What does this mean? Juice is just another term for sportsbook commission – other sports typically use a 10 cent marker (-110 odds) to make up for the lack of volume. In baseball, that isn’t necessarily the case, many sportsbooks will offer 5 cent markers (-105 odds). Paying half of the commission is a big deal over a season of betting and is worth exploring for any avid sports bettor.

And finally, what’s better than having some stake everyday if you so choose? There are 162 regular season games with 30 total teams making up a grand total of 2,430 regular season games along with the postseason. This may seem overwhelming for a new bettor but this can also be viewed as a fun opportunity. Whether you want to zero in on your New York team or bet on some ESPN Sunday Night baseball, the options are endless.

Labor dispute slows, doesn’t stop the 2022 season

MLB fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the MLB Player’s Association and Major League Baseball came to an agreement on March 10, 2022. Although the talks were frustrating at points, the two sides came to an agreement to make Opening Day April 7, 2022. Initially, because of the stalemate in talks, the first two series of the year were deemed cancelled. But those have been redeemed as we will get all 162 games for this upcoming season.

Some of the most prominent new terms for this season is a universal designated hitter and an expanded 12-team playoff format that will reward two more markets with berths each year.

New York Yankees

The Bronx Bombers will march into the 2022 campaign with high hopes to build off their late season surge into a wild card berth last season. After adding Josh Donaldson, the Yankees have some new life in their lineup as they try to win their first AL East title since 2019.

Feeling good about the Yankees prospects? Going into this season, you can secure odds for the Yankees to win the AL East (+185), the pennant (+475) and even the World Series (+900).

New York Mets

What about the New York Mets? The Mets fan base has had quite the rollercoaster of emotions moving on from the Wilpons to one of the richest owners sports has ever seen in hedge fund manager, Steve Cohen. The excitement is very apparent for the Metropolitans as new GM Billy Eppler has been wheeling and dealing in order for his team to really contend for this upcoming season.

The Mets have bolstered their already strong starting rotation with 3-time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer and acquiring Chris Bassitt from Oakland. In addition, they went on and added some fresh life into their lineup with Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar.

The Mets have been plagued by the injury bug in years past but this could be the year where everything falls together. You can secure some juicy odds for the Mets – via DraftKings Sportsbook, or a host of others. The Mets are co-favorites to win the NL East (+140) alongside the defending World Series champions, Atlanta Braves and the Mets have the second shortest odds to win the NL (+475) as well as being a World Series contender at +1000 odds.

Sports betting in New York ballparks

With the legalization of online sports betting in New York, there are plenty of sportsbooks you can bet on. But if you’re old school or even just at a game, you may have the ability to place wagers at both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in the near future.

As of February 2022, the New York Senate Bill 7536A sought to allow licensed sportsbooks the right to partner with professional sports stadiums to place sport betting kiosks inside the stadiums. Going into the season, neither Yankee Stadium nor Citi Field have struck an agreement with a big-time sportsbook but don’t be surprised if this happens in the near future. It seems like it’s only a matter of time.

Always bet on a legal NY online sportsbook

You can’t beat sportsbooks bonuses: The best part about how competitive this space is becoming is how enticing their offers are for new and existing customers. So, not only are the betting options more attractive but the competitive nature of this space is forcing these operators to consistently run promotions to attract customers. If you’re not betting with a sportsbook that’s licensed by the NY Gaming Commission, you’re going to be missing out on these lucrative promotions.

Bet from anywhere with top NY mobile sports betting apps: You can take your favorite New York online sportsbook with you wherever you go. Heading to Yankee Stadium for a massive game? If you’ve got your phone with you, you have a sportsbook with you. Modern online books come with fantastic mobile apps that are fully equipped to take any sort of bet that comes to mind. As long as you’re in the state of New York, you can legally place wagers.

And most importantly, your money is safe: Legal sportsbooks provide extra security that offshore or illegal sportsbooks cannot guarantee. Funds are regulated by reputable operators that are overseen by each state. Bettors can rest assured knowing if and when an issue arises, it is the responsibility of the sportsbooks to go above and beyond to make any necessary corrections. The same can’t be said for an unreliable sportsbook.

Popular NY baseball bets

As we’ve discussed, the sheer volume of games and the parameters of the game allow for a lot of wagering opportunities. Whether you want to bet on an afternoon game, Giancarlo Stanton’s next at-bat, or the World Series winner, the options are plentiful. Let’s jump into some of the most popular MLB bets you can make on sportsbooks in New York.


A moneyline bet is the simplest wager you can make; for this wager, you’re picking the outright winner without having to worry about a spread to cover. Moneyline payouts are dictated by the matchup. The bigger the favorite is, the smaller the payout would net. But for a sport like baseball, the best teams don’t yield gaudy winning percentages. The defending World Series champions, Atlanta Braves, won 88 games and yielded a .547 win % in the regular season. Betting on a slight or big underdog can net a solid payout.

Baseball runline

The less popular but still exciting wager is baseball’s version of the spread, also known as the runline. The betting favorite will be assigned as a 1.5 run favorite (designated as -1.5). But oddsmakers will vary the “juice” depending on the matchup. For example, if the Yankees are playing the Red Sox and are the moneyline favorites at -160, they would be designated as “Yankees -1.5” on your sportsbook. The juice would be less than the moneyline – for this example, let’s say the Yankees odds are -140 on the runline. If the Yankees were to win this matchup by 2 or more runs, you would win your bet.

MLB run total betting

Total wagers work similarly to other major sports. Oddsmakers will assign a run total and you can place a bet on the over or under figure to any game. Totals typically vary anywhere from 7 to 10 runs given the pitching matchup and how each offense should fare. The most common run total you’ll find throughout the regular season is an 8.5 over/under run total.

MLB futures

Similar to run total bets, wagering on futures is just like what you’d do with other sports. You can bet on a division winner, league pennant or World Series champion on any of your favorite sportsbooks.

Even outside of team futures, one can bet on a future on a Cy Young or league MVP. The payouts are typically much more generous, especially if you find a nice longshot you like. The biggest downside bettors must be aware of is the delayed payout. If you place a futures wager on the Yanks to win the World Series in March, even if they win you’ll be waiting until November to cash that ticket. In contrast, you do get 8 months of enjoyment sweating the bet!

Live betting on baseball

Live betting has been the craze of the online sportsbook scene and for good reason. The live bet has helped create an added layer of excitement into the next at-bat, home-run, walk-off scenarios, and more.

Let’s go over an example – the Mets are starting a homestand at Citi Field against the Miami Marlins with the following pregame lines:

  • Moneyline: Mets -115, Marlins -105
  • Runline: Mets -1.5 (+130), Marlins +1.5 (-140)
  • Over/Under: 9.5 runs (-110 for both)

Unfortunately the Mets fall behind right away and are down 5-0. You already secured a betslip with the Mets moneyline at -115 which is locked in. However, you still have faith the Mets are going to come back here. In this scenario, you can go online to any of the major sportsbooks and secure live odds for the Mets on the moneyline at much longer odds in the middle of the game.

Maybe you don’t want to bet on the live runline or moneyline? You will have the ability to bet on a single player’s props. Feeling good about Francisco Lindor’s next at-bat? Bet on him getting a hit or maybe even a home run! Think the pitcher isn’t going to last the inning? Bet on it.

In general, the live bet has created a lot of excitement in all of the major sports but it’s tough to beat the amount of options at a bettor’s disposal when talking about live betting baseball. Essentially, any and all whims that hit you during the game are available for betting… and the relatively slow pace allows for ample time to get them through.

NY baseball prop bets

Maybe you don’t want any action on a certain game but want to bet on a player? Prop bets, also known as side bets, can be a fun way to have some stake in the game.

Examples of some prop bets that could be available will be an over/under on how many strikeouts a pitcher may have or an over/under on how many hits a player may have. Major NY online sportsbooks will have all kinds of options available on the MLB prop bet front.

First Five Innings

Maybe you don’t want to sit down and watch an entire game? Well, first five inning bets may be just for you! You will have the ability to bet on moneylines and run total bets through the first five innings. Betting in the first five innings is a nice strategy if you can pinpoint certain starting pitching matchups that you like.

What to Watch outside of the New York Teams

Outside of the intrigue between the New York teams, there’s plenty to get excited about for this season. The odds-on World Series favorite is the Los Angeles Dodgers. They already had one of the league’s most potent lineups and have gone ahead and signed superstar (and recent World Series champion) Freddie Freeman to add to the mix.

Last year we saw the San Francisco Giants come out of nowhere and win the NL West with a grand win total of 107 games. They pushed the Dodgers to the brink in a five-game series falling just short – who could be that team this year? The Twins have improved with Carlos Correa. The Angels have plenty of star power to light up their side of LA, and the Padres have been competitive the last few years.

This MLB season will not be short of storylines and there will be plenty to bet on, both in and out of New York.

Watching MLB on TV and online

As a part of the new CBA, Major League Baseball has implemented two new television rights deals that are set to begin during the 2022 season which will bring a substantial revenue increase to the league. The MLB previously agreed to the seven-year contracts with Turner Sports and ESPN that are set to run through the 2028 season.

The deals make TBS the sole place for most of the MLB’s postseason games. In addition, TBS will provide a new season-long Tuesday night game broadcast and expansive digital rights for Bleacher Report and additional WarnerMedia platforms online.

Meanwhile, ESPN will continue to televise primetime MLB with 30 regular-season games annually, including 25 editions of Sunday Night Baseball along with the MLB Little League Classic. In 2022, ESPN will also televise an Opening Night telecast and they continue to hold the exclusive broadcast of the Home Run Derby (which is a really popular event to bet on!) as part of its All-Star coverage.

If you want to expand past the biggest games, people will have the ability to subscribe to MLB Network which is available on desktop, iPhone and Android phones and tablets to MLB Network subscribers of most of the big TV providers in the United States.

The subscription will include all MLB Network studio shows, regular season, postseason and Spring Training game telecasts, and analysis. Some of the most prominent analysts and broadcasters include Bob Costas, Peter Gammons, Harold Reynolds, Pedro Martinez, Ken Rosenthal and John Smoltz.

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